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An International Property & Casualty Insurance Agent/Broker and Chemical Engineer authorized for the placement of commercial insurance coverage and surety bonding for Institutional, Industrial, Private Equity, and Entertainment risks domiciled in CA, FL, IL, ME, MD, NY, NC, TX, VA, and Washington, D.C. with operations around the world.  Commercial insurance & Surety coverage designed for risks with total insurance values in excess of 10 Billion Dollars and with an active management team interested in practicing risk control and mitigation.  Professional risk assessment services include program administration allied with conducting, evaluating and directing the risk control, risk management, & risk mitigation programs for the human element and physical protection exposures associated with public and private entities experiencing a disaster to operations or a catastrophic loss. 

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Want to discuss how our Private Equity Insurance Group can help you to best serve the interest of your Private Equity or Venture Capital Investment Team?  Schedule a teleconference by calling. 
In Chicago:202.567.7636, Washington, D.C.:202.567.7636, Houston:202.567.7636, California:202.567.7636  
For Commercial Property, E-mail your HPR locations and a Statement of Values. For Entertainment Productions, send your Budget Top Sheet and request "The Producer KIT". The applications for Production Insurance, Producer E & O, and Music Composer Liability will be sent to you along with a request for your preferred contact time to :